Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"O Mighty Move"

Hi--Jocelyn's friend here again.  She's had occasional access to Blogger this past week, unpredictably and in about 20 minute increments.  To regain some control over her blogging, she's created a new site (still under construction--can you hear the sounds of of her swearing?) at:  http://omightycrisis.com
This site will be the blog's new home, so please, please, please redirect your visits to that location. 


Jeni said...

Noted and changed on my reader and thanks to both you and Jocelyn for notifying readers of this. I don't always comment, may be behind on reading from time to time too, but eventually, I get around to the reading and enjoying her blog and her thoughts!

oreneta said...

Noted and changed and no comment button found!!!!

Jocely....what a lot of change! Turkey, how wonderful is that indeed.

I spent too much time back reading the story here....but it was worth they tale.

Michelle Wells Grant said...

Jocelyn! Are you back with us in Blogland??? We've missed you so much!