Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Instead of Being a Gumshoe, I Chew Gum and Buy Shoes"

I'm trying to figure out why I don't feel like sitting down and writing a post this week. Perhaps it's because I just finished a year (my 19th) of teaching writing, because I have been spending every evening the last two weeks compiling and editing a 100 page student publication, or because summer classes start today. At any rate, it sure is easier to yammer than type.

After running a cholesterol check on Paco's blood, we had to change our choice for lunch.

To have given birth to the perfect comedic foil is one of life's special joys.

That, and shoving His Nibs into the dishwasher hole when he ignores every last bit of the crap I fling his way.


cathy said...

I want regular updates on the kitchen's progress AND gardening posts when you do the flowers.
(I love the soup goggles.)
Pop over for lunch anytime you want:)

Kylie w Warszawie said...


And that dishwasher hole looks kinda dangerous. Like it might open up to another dimension. Kinda like Narnia, but not as pretty.

And you are welcome to pop by and have meals with us. Of course, you might need a place to stay too. We've got extra bunk beds.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that was soup - it looked like you had some bizarre cathertization thing going on with your poor kid.

furiousBall said...

I concur with Kylie, the VLOGlution that has been going on around these here parts is darn tootin'

oh no wait, that was me that tooted.

Jazz said...

I'll need to come back to this. It's hard to listen to you tubes at work. For some reason, my entertainment needs aren't high on their priority list.

Bethany said...

That look he gives you at the end? Priceless. Love your vlogs!!

Chantal said...

Love these posts. Paco makes me smile. That's no small feat at 9am when i am at "the dreaded office"

lime said...

if paco had some twizzlers he could slurp his soup through that and have dessert at the same time.

and uh, about hugh jackman as a future date...i already told ya i got dibs...come on now. i like ya lots, but hugh is mine. don't make me put you in the naughty spot!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I shall require regular updates on the demo and reconstruction of your kitchen. Having done that ourselves (and lived to tell about it), I am extremely relieved to know you have alternate kitchen/cooking plans. Of course, if the kitchen remodel takes longer than 4 months or so (heh. Ask me why I bring that up.) you may need a plan B.

And of course you are welcome to drop by Chez Kat™ for lunch, although it is rather a long drive.

Becky Cazares said...

Can't wait to see your new kitchen! Ours so sadly needs updating, too, from its glory days - you know, those two weeks in 1961 when small windows and drop ceilings were all the rage! Ah, well, I'll just have to live vicariously through your remodel... sigh.

Dinner's at 5:30 anytime you want to drop by.

And I almost can't resist pinching those Paco-chipmunk-cheeks! What a cutie!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Just don't flush any puppies in the little hallway, okay?

Do you keep futuristic food in that space ship of a refrigerator?

Paco has a long-suffering look not often observed in kindergarteners, probably from being video'd after a long day at work. Maybe the pwetty fwowews wiw cheew him up. It worked for me!

chelle said...

Oo renovations what fun :P

Vic said...

That is a hella good naughty spot! My kids would think twice if we had one of those... (well, the fourteen year old wouldn't fit, but the boy would.)

How do noodles work in the googles?

(Paco is adorable.)

Pearl said...

Ah, rats, my work computer doesn't like videos!!


jess said...

Heh heh, Paco is a gem. You need to find him an agent!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Where do I begin? The soup-eating contraption distracted me from my comments for the first video. My stomach hurts from laughing. That is so my second son.

Those boxes you have in between your seedlings? They are still up in the closet from when my boys played with them EVERY DAY! Good luck with the planting. I'll hope for no more frosts in Duluth.

phd in yogurtry said...

Get hubby to agree to a generous post-nup before the remodeling begins. Just sayin.

(husband has done many a remodel and it ain't pretty. the new kitchen? gorgeous. the marriage? oy.)

Becky Cazares said...

Jocelyn, I hope you realize you have a separated-at-birth twin sister out there, right?

Every time she's on CNN I do a double take!